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Website History


Posted by Lawrence Sinclair on 22 Jul 2010 at 15:37

Some things on the Internet can disappear in a flash, leaving no trace of their ever having existed. But a lot of the web remains permanently archived. For better or worse, this can remain a part of history.

In 1996, Brewster Kahle created an archive of the web with part of the fortune he made from Alexa. See Archive.org. He had retired into the modest life of a "librarian" as he described himself then. Today, because of his work, and that of others, and similar projects, we can see what the web was like in the past.

As an example, you can see what our website (under our original Stanyan Group brand) looked like back in time.





(N.B. The Stanyan Group was incorporated in California in July 1997).


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