"Excellent work at a fraction of the cost of a team of ruby engineers in San Francisco or New York."
- Fred Wilson, Union Square Ventures on AVC blog.
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Ruby on Rails, Mobile, Python & Analytics


We have developed complex web applications for clients ranging from industry leaders to the scrappiest startups.

We are able to bring new ventures to market quickly and can pivot on a dime.


We develop native mobile apps for iOS and Android and cross platform applications using HTML5 technology to support true multi-platform distribution with a focus on design and performance.

We complement this with critical data analysis including mobile customer clustering and segmentation.


Our team of PhDs and veteran Analytics experts can transform your data into actionable insights. We can provide on-site and off-site measurement and statistical analysis, forecasts, algorithm development, and advanced Big Data system design.

We specialize in predictive modeling including applications in targeted marketing, risk management, profitability and maximizing customer lifetime value.


East Agile's enterprise practice helps large firms incorporate agile methods into internal teams, improving efficiency, productivity, and quality while lowering cost and development time.

Learn how agile development methods can virtually guarantee stakeholder satisfaction while ensuring projects are completed on time and under budget.

Our Clients

About us

Our greatest strength today is using AGILE software development methods to deliver predictable and reliable outcomes from outsourced software development. We transform outsourced, and offshore, development from a practice with a well deserved reputation for failure into the secret weapon of our clients in their quest to build market value and seek venture funding. Working with East Agile turns finding and retaining engineering talent from a constant distraction to a problem solved.

East Agile is the brand name for a global micro-multinational enterprise. It consists of The Stanyan Group, a California C corporation founded in 1997 and doing business as East Agile, East Agile Limited, incorporated in Hong Kong in 2009, and a carefully crafted private development operation in Vietnam operating as East Agile Vietnam. We have local talent, but a global infrastructure. Our blog addresses a number of frequently asked questions (FAQ).


What we offer
Come to our office in San Francisco's SoMa district and pair program with one of our developers. We will work with you on your Ruby on Rails app, and train you in the skills you need to get your startup off the ground, including:
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Paired programming
  • Agile project management using Pivotal Tracker
  • Git for managing source code
  • Deploying your app on Heroku
  • Test-driven development in RSpec
Who you are
You have a great idea for a startup. You already have a Rails app in progress, or would like to build one. You would like to build your app using best practices. You have a software development background and you want to learn or improve your Ruby and Rails skills.
Promotional deal

Our promotional day-rate includes one-on-one pairing with one of our developers in San Francisco, plus an optional remote pair of our developers in Vietnam to help speed your app along. We will teach you how to manage the remote pair. The cost is $500 per day, with a maximum of 5 days.

On Fridays, we are offering free training. On this day, one of our developers will rotate between you and the other startup founders and engineers.

For more info, sign up below or send an email to Training-mail.

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Exceptional developers, please submit your resume to Job@
"Just being good isn't good enough for us; excellence is our minimum standard."
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