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Frequently Asked Questions 18


Posted by Lawrence Sinclair on 20 Nov 2009 at 23:17


Please describe your billing model. Do you accept part payment at certain stages of the project. Will will be aiming to hold back a significant percentage until full delivery of the project.

We ask clients to pay for 30 work days of development in advance, and invoice at least monthly with payment due by wire within two weeks.  For clients unable to pay 30 days in advance, we can accept 15 days in advance and weekly invoicing with payment due within seven days. Some clients with exceptionally strong credit ratings or funding are exempt from payment in advance (e.g. we did not ask Twitter or Morgan Stanley to pay in advance).

If we follow our normal agile development methodology based on time-and-materials billing, we deliver fully integrated and operational iterations of a client's product each week. Each feature of the product is individually approved by a business or technical representative of the client as it is developed (and adjusted accordingly if it is not accepted).

We guarantee our time-and-materials agile development work.  If a client is not satisfied for any reason with our work, or what we have delivered within the first 45 days of an engagment, they can simply end the engagement and not be liable for their payment on their first invoice. Their deposit will be refunded by wire. No one has ever taken us up on that offer, but we wouldn't dream of charging someone who wasn't satisfied.

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