Our Stack

JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, Java, Python, ReactJs, NodeJs, Golang

website development

We have developed complex web applications for clients ranging from industry leaders to the scrappiest startups.

We are able to bring new ventures to market quickly and can pivot on a dime.

mobile development

We develop native mobile apps for iOS and Android and cross platform applications using HTML5 technology to support true multi-platform distribution with a focus on design and performance.

We complement this with critical data analysis including mobile customer clustering and segmentation.

data analytic

Our team of PhDs and veteran Analytics experts can transform your data into actionable insights. We can provide on-site and off-site measurement and statistical analysis, forecasts, algorithm development, and advanced Big Data system design.

We specialize in predictive modeling including applications in targeted marketing, risk management, profitability and maximizing customer lifetime value.


East Agile's enterprise practice helps large firms incorporate agile methods into internal teams, improving efficiency, productivity, and quality while lowering cost and development time.

Learn how agile development methods can virtually guarantee stakeholder satisfaction while ensuring projects are completed on time and under budget.