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Pivotal Tracker as a Personal Management Tool


Posted by Lawrence Sinclair on 18 Jan 2009 at 08:51

Pivotal Tracker is an agile software development project management tool.  But it actually lends itself quite well to the task of being a personal time and task management tool, especially with those along the GTD ("Getting Things Done") style.  Michael Buffington, of Grockit, writes about how he does just this and includes a brief video tour (although he does seem to misunderstand one or two minor things about how the product works).  I found his suggested use quite inspiring. Perhaps Tracker could be used to manage quite a broad range of non-programming endeavours.

  1. Serenia - Feb 27 2009

    Hmm, very cognitive post. Is this theme good unough for the Digg?

  2. Lawrence Sinclair - Feb 04 2009

    @Michael Buffington, I very much agree that Pivotal Tracker would make a great team oriented GTD system. By coincidence, I was just making that point to a friend of mine who was asking about using Tracker for personal management. I've already heard of one other friend who has started using Tracker as his personal management system.

  3. Michael Buffington - Feb 02 2009

    Thanks for linking to the video Lawrence - I'm really glad you found it inspiring. In the spirit of being agile, and improving iteratively, I'd love to hear more about your thoughts on my understanding of how the product works. I want to think I traded a bit of accuracy for brevity, but if I goofed up for other reasons, then there's an opportunity here to learn and grow. One thing that I didn't mention, and is something that warrants an entire video devoted to it, is the idea that Tracker might work well as an individual's GTD system, but works far better as a team GTD system. Would you agree?

  4. Ken Berger - Jan 19 2009

    yep, clearly this tool has a ton of potential beyond software management, that's why it's worth it for our team to be hired to build it out and make it really thrive.

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